Goals for 2021

I had made a few defined goals for this year, the top three being:

  • Aquire a boat.
  • Read more; 10 books minimum.
  • Build and release a new app.

Aquire a boat

I did in fact aquire a boat - a Maxi 95. In February we went to Solvesborg to take a look at her and decided to buy her, though the current owners hadn’t decided if they were ready to sell her yet. A week later we got a call and the rest is history.

Since neither my SO (Isa) nor I had any experience sailing, we got a helping hand from a friend of Isas parents. The sail from Solvesborg to Malmo took three days and we learned a ton. Since then we have slowly gotten more and more comfortable sailing, and next year we will probably be able to make a few trips to Denmark.

Read more

I have been meaning to read more this year and I decided that 10 books would be a nice, round number. The first months of the year started out good and I had a steady flow, then came summer and I started slacking. In September I got myself an ebook-reader and that really gave it a boost, making it a habit to read before sleep.

The Kobo Libra is an excellent ebook reader

Thanks to some (really) short novels at the end, I reached my goal in early December.

This year’s best read was easily ‘Recursion’ written by Blake Crouch.

Release a new app

Ever since Onyktert I haven’t really released any new projects into the wild. It’s always a kick and a great motivator to have strangers start using what you have made.

The ebook-reader I bought has built-in support for syncing articles from Pocket for offline reading. I have been struggling with getting RSS-feeds part of my routine. So I gave it a shot and wrote a service that synchronize articles from RSS-feeds to Pocket.

I hacked together a frontend in plain HTML and CSS with the help of templating in Golang and got something that worked, at least until I posted it on Reddit and some dude subscibed to a Twitter hashtag - a few days of constant rate limiting from Pocket’s part resulted in a not-so-unexpected IP-ban. I made some changes to the service and since then it has been smooth sailing.

Check it out at https://qiip.it!

So what’s up 2022?

As a Christmas gift for myself I got the Zsa Moonlander with blank keycaps. I have never had much homerow decipline, so in order to become a better touch typist I decided to make the jump to Colemak given the new keyboard. So far I have been at it for four days and I’m still horribly slow.

Colemak will be the slow start of 2022

So in addition to get fluent with Colemak, for 2022 I also aim for:

  • Even more reading. 12 books minimum, 15 as a stretch goal.
  • Get a boat licence, a “Forarintyg”.
  • Complete the half Ironman I signed up for during a moment of especially ill thinking. This one will hurt.
  • Climb mt. Kebnekajse.
  • Build and release something, again!

I have also promised myself to go visit a dentist although there is nothing in this world I hate more.